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Our powerful technology platform can handle all your business needs and our API’s are easy to integrate with your IT applications. Send custom SMS in bulk directly from excel sheet. Send bulk SMS directly from Excel Sheet. Same functionalities as panel. Get all the functionalities that you get on panel. Quickest and easiest way to send SMS. Select as many numbers as you want, and send SMS to them in one-go! No need to go to panel anymore. Get in touch with our sales teams across the India for an individual consultation or a dedicated test account. Utilise our mobile messaging platform through a tailored solution to engage with global audiences instantly, securely and in a cost-effective manner. Send bulk SMS messages or create interactive 2way SMS solutions without the hassle of complicated set-ups or hardware. Craft messages that your customers want and we’ll make sure they are delivered on time, every time.

Our global experts will address your individual requirements challenges, deliver a robust solution that easily integrates with your existing applications to cost-effectively manage campaigns and evaluate results with real-time analytics. Create unique experiences for your customers by personalising campaigns and enriching their journey with voice applications. Venbha iT offers a secure, reliable end-to-end voice portal with a diverse product line up, allowing enterprises to manage inbound & outbound calls. Choose the solution that suits your needs.

Our Vision is to connect the world through mobile technology, helping customers, partners and employees prosper locally as well as globally. We are committed to being a leading global messaging and voice API company, leading in terms of value offered, customer service, talent development and consistent growth. The EAPI (Electronic Application Programming Interface) allows your organization to SMS enable your own applications. The EAPI can be used for tasks from automatic notification to message delivery status. The BulkSMS Gateway for Marketo was specifically designed for advanced SMS integration between Venbha iT. This integration offers two-way SMS communication services directly from your Venbha iT instance using Web. The BulkSMS Text Messenger enables you to manage your SMS communications from your computer desktop. This free to install, user friendly desktop software allows you to easily compose, manage, send and receive individual and bulk SMS campaigns. We provide standard platforms to allow any client to uickly deploy any SMS service. This includes SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS campaigns or SMS for customer relationship anagement.

Voice Logger Modem systems may be all-software running on industry-standard servers, or use hardware such as a sound card on a PC, to do the work of recording and monitoring telephone calls. Some are simple single-user systems that typically only require a user to install the software on their PC, and use some type of simple adapter to connect the PC to a phone. However this type of software can usually only record a single line at a time, and is much more limited in features. Business-class recording and monitoring systems enable businesses of all sizes to deploy centralized call recording and monitoring for IP telephony systems.Voice logging is the practice of regularly recording telephone conversations. Business sectors which often do voice logging include public safety and emergency response systems), customer service call centers (conversations are recorded for quality assurance purposes), and finance (e.g. telephone-initiated Service are recorded for compliance purposes). Although voice logging is usually performed on conventional telephone lines, it is also frequently used for recording open microphones. It can used be in multiple sectors like BPO’s, Hospitals, Automobiles and Banking Sector etc.Voice Logging is being most widely used in the areas Phone calls, sales calls, and transactions within the financial marketplace of Asset & Securities Exchanges. Service calls, verbal wire transfer instructions, personal and business banking calls, and financial transactions with Banks and Credit Unions. Customer Service calls, sales calls, support conversations, for Insurance and Investment Companies.

Our Telemarketing Call Center software for small business, your business revolves around telemarketing Call Center Software, you must be taking advantage of telemarketing Call Center software. Trying to run a calling center without the latest in outbound telemarketing software and telemarketing CRM services will create a serious barrier to your success. A telemarketing dialer using antiquated methods of simply calling, waiting for a response, leaving a message and then dialing again will quickly fall behind, allowing your competitors to make more sales faster. You can run a cloud calling center at a high level of efficiency, putting the full power of digital technology to work for you. Progressive dialing speeds up the sales process and increases productivity so that sales reps receive a continuous stream of next-best leads based on queue-based routing rules. Preview dialing lets sales reps control when the call is made by previewing contact information and doing research before dialing. Sales reps can leave the perfect message every time with prerecorded voice mails. Enables managers to use smart routing to prioritize leads for sales reps so that the most important leads are sent first. Searches for the contact in your system when receiving an incoming call to pull up the call record details and previous notes. Instantly see who’s calling and available to take calls with a pop up display. Instantly communicate with groups or individuals through pop-up text messages. Seamlessly routes incoming calls to different calling queues based on predefined algorithms. Quickly run reports by lead source, date, user, results, inbound call data, and more Call-activity Dashboard. Easily monitors call activity for sales reps, sale campaigns and more, in real time. Monitor call activity in real time with live monitoring and eavesdrop.

Hospital Doctors Book appointments faster with appointment scheduling software You won’t have to put patients on hold or make them wait in silence while you flip through your paper appointment book. With Patient Appointment Manager, the on-screen calendar lets you see who’s available and when. You can quickly search for patients and their appointment details or find available appointment times by employee. With a few clicks of a mouse you can book repeat appointments. The waiting list will even tell you if a pending appointment can be scheduled.Appointment Scheduling Software for Hospitals Our appointment scheduling software.

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Our Company Goal is to Satisfy Our Customer Needs. We have Own Messaging Platform So Your Database will be more secure. We are Providing Multiple Gateway Connectivity Platform, so Our customer never affects due to Server issues.Our Company goal is to Satisfy our Customer Needs. Different Routes are Connected in Our SMPP Bulk SMS Server Accurate Sending and Delivery Time Report Available Only in Our Panel.Different Routes are Connected in Our Server For Example: BP-VENBHA, DM-CLUBED, VM-GOOGLE, MM-SCHOOL, AM-COLEGE, AD-NETSMS.

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Instant Delivery Report, Immediate Template Approval, Group Management, Excel Plug-in, HTTP API Code etc.., Bulk sms Server if any issues occur we change another bulk sms server route so that clients never affect due to server issues. Accurate Sending and Delivery Time Report Available Only in Our Panel. "UNICODE SMS LANGUAGE தமிழ், TAMIL, TELUGU, HINDI, KANNADA, MALAYALAM, MARATHI, AMHARIC, ARABIC, BENGALI, CHINESE, GREEK, GUJARATI, NEPALI, ORIYA, PERSIAN, PUNJABI, RUSSIAN, SANSKRIT, SERBIAN, SINHALESE, TIGRINYA, URDU".

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BulkSMS Text Messenger makes two-way SMSing to a group or individuals even easier. This feature rich software is quick to install and easy to use. (e.g. marketing campaigns, event invitations, surveys, operational communications, invoices, statements, etc). Low Credit & Zero Credit Alert-By default, all users receive E-mails and SMS Alert regarding message credits. The low credit Alerts will be sent to the E-mail address and Mobile Number that the user entered when registering their Account. The daily Alerts that are sent are based on an every day.

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